Undergraduate Courses

The Computer Center


The undergraduate courses of the Centro de Informática (CIn) at UFPE has three courses namely: Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Systems.

The undergraduate course in Computer Science was created in 1974, and aims at providing its students with extensive formation, preparing them to keep up with the evolution of many areas of informatics. The Computer Engineering Course, created in 2002, is the result of a partnership between CIn and the Electronic and Systems Department (DES) of the Center for Technology and Geosciences at UFPE. The need for such a course arose from the technological advances in the areas of electronics and computing. The Bachelor in Information Systems (BSI) aims at providing a solid formation in administration and computing; this provides students with knowledge related to information systems, with an emphasis on organizational management and human studies.

Students also play an active role, not restricted to the classroom, at CIn. Amongst the activities that allow such an interaction we can mention the Academic Directory (DA), student organization that is in close contact with CIn’s direction and course coordination, the Tutorial Educational Program (PET), a Federal Government Program that stimulates undergraduate students to develop teaching, research and extension activities and CITi, the junior corporation, managed by students, that develops systems and organizes courses and events.

Stimulating research is at the core of CIn. Around 250 students participate in research projects through research initiation grants and teaching assistance is also stimulated and takes place in almost all CIn’s courses.

Similarly, entrepreneurship is also stimulated through courses given throughout the curriculum. The Center also counts with an Innovation Management area, also known as CInove, that is responsible for the entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives at CIn-UFPE.

Given its relevance in the Information Technology scenario, both in knowledge generation as well as in the development of highly qualified professionals, CIn-UFPE has various national and international agreements, which make it possible for the students to spend part of their courses in other universities in Brazil or abroad.

The quality of the undergraduate courses can be assessed by the high demand for CIn’s graduates, both nationally and internationally.