The Computer Center


Centro de Informática: Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Over 40 years

The Centro de Informática da UFPE (CIn-UFPE) is one of the most well-known informatics centers in Brazil as well as in Latin America. Many of the country’s most qualified workforce in Information Technology (IT) comes from here. CIn is a fundamental institution for the ever-increasing market in technology. It stimulates its students’ creativity and constantly searches for innovative solution for the daily life of people and organizations. It is proud to offer courses that are among the best in Brazil. Many successful IT companies begun as startups at the Center. Also, through partnerships with the private sector, CIn-UFPE has a strong national and international presence in research and education in informatics.

CIn-UFPE is one of the Brazilian reference centers in many areas of computing, such as software engineering, artificial intelligence, programming languages, logics, networks, distributed systems and computing systems, being characterized by its pioneering spirit and innovation. It was one of the first centers to create courses such as Entrepreneurship, Digital Games and Musical Computing, besides opening spaces for education and research in areas such as robotics, augmented reality and mobile and context-aware devices. The essence that created CIn is still present: daring, creativity and a strong connection with what is going on around the world.

The Computer Science and Computer Engineering courses have been independently assessed at the highest levels along the years. Our graduate program has been described as of “excellence and a reference center” in teaching and research in the ministry of education evaluations, with a strong national and international recognition.

In Research, CIn-UFPE keeps a significant and ever-increasing production, with an annual publication of around 40 publications in indexed international journals and over 100 publications in national and international conferences, as well as books and book chapters. National and international production result from an intense research activity, that encompasses more than 50 research collaborations with institutions such as INRIA and Paris VI (France); Oxford, Kent and Edinburgh universities in the U.K.; the Stevens Institute of Technology (USA); Universities of Toronto and Waterloo (Canada); International Institute for Software Technology (United Nations, Macao); University of Tübingen (Germany); and University of Navarra (Spain).

The Center currently has over 20 laboratories and hundreds of computers available to its students. Students and professors are connected through the CIn-UFPE network, that has Wi-Fi access across all its facilities. Access to CIn-UFPE is available 24/7 and remote access is possible through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). CIn-UFPE faculty staff is composed by more than 130 members, with more than 90 teaching staff and over 2000 students in its various programs.

This is all a reflex of what was established as the Center’s mission: to contribute for the creation of a better society, promoting people’s, science and technology development through informatics. We derive our values from this mission:

  • Excellence and quality;
  • Appreciation and commitment of teams and people;
  • Collective commitment;
  • Daring and creativity;
  • Social relevance;
  • Internal and external interaction and cooperation;
  • Internationalism and interdisciplinarity;
  • Ethics and professionalism;
  • Evolution and change... always!