Graduate Courses

The Computer Center

Master for Industry

With the aim of providing more qualified professionals to face the demands of the market, CIn-UFPE has, since November 2006, its Masters for Industry (MPROF) program. The course targets businesspeople form the IT area, technical and commercial IT managers, and department IT Managers. The course is also targeted at those who wish to attain positions such as project managers, quality engineers, and team leaders. The MPROF stands out not only for its academic quality, but also for the formation of professionals of excellent level, that deal with real world problems within the university.

The course duration is 390 hours of face to face lessons, given by professors from the Graduate Program at CIn-UFPE, as well as by external professors, associated to the program. The course is divided into modules: basic disciplines (6 months); 2 modules of specific disciplines (6 months each); research and course work development (9 months); and dissertation writing and defense (3 months).