Graduate Courses

The Computer Center

How to Apply

The selection process is carried out by a panel indicated by the course coordination. The panel counts with professors from all concentration areas of the program. The panel strictly follows all rules established by the Public Notice of Selection Exam, that values the student’s academic background and his scientific production. It also takes the candidates’ professional experience into account. The selection process is divided into two stages: curriculum analysis and project assessment, which must show the student potential to develop research projects.

Pre-project themes, are associated to research developed by the graduate program professors. This is so that the selected students enter the program with chosen supervisors.

Candidates must follow the Public Notices of Selection Exams, issued by the Graduate Program Coordination, and that are published in the CIn-UFPE site ( These are published normally in the months of October and November. There, candidates can find all necessary information to prepare the necessary documentation, as well as about how to prepare their pre-project. Once the project is approved, candidates’ documents will be analyzed and only then a list with the selected students will be issued.