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Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Computer Science of the Centro de Informática (CIn) – UFPE is one of the most important graduate programs in Computing in Brazil. In the CAPES assessment, CIn’s graduate program is one of the 7 best ranked in Brazil. Its quality has been attested over and over by the several awards given by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) to its Theses and Dissertations.

The Graduate Program encompasses seven research areas: Data Bases, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Languages, Computational Intelligence, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, Computer Theory and Media and Interaction. Moreover, several disciplines stand out, such as Business Processes Management, Cloud Computing and Urban Information Systems, as well as some related to Economy, such as Financial and Economic Feasibility of Information Systems Projects. The graduate program at CIn-UFPE offers disciplines and areas that are equivalent to those offered by the main universities around the world, such as Computational Intelligence, Digital Signal Processing (images, voice and video), Communications, Robotics and Automotive Engineering.

The Graduate Program at CIn is well consolidated, due to its decades of operation. It has a strong social insertion, and attracts high-level candidates from all Brazilian regions, as well as from overseas. Researchers in several countries of Latin America, North America, Africa, and Europe have graduated from CIn-UFPE.

The Graduate Program at CIn currently has research projects in various areas of Computing. Its faculty is highly specialized, and includes full-time researchers that are dedicated to their work at CIn. The available infrastructure includes laboratories, software and tools.

With respect to the laboratories, it is worth remarking:

  • Laboratories with workstations and tools for validation, simulation and tests;
  • Hardware Development Laboratory. For the development of embedded systems;
  • Software development laboratory, for the development of algorithms and systems.

The number of graduated MSc and PhD increases every year. Since its creation over 1.500 MSc and 280 PhD students have graduated at CIn-UFPE.