Cooperation and Innovation

The Computer Center

Cooperation and Innovation

To continually foment new ideas. To articulate creative solutions that effectively solve problems found in the daily routine of organizations. To act as an interface among the university, the government, market and society in general. To imprint the mark of competence, professionalism. These are the premises and the reasons that brought about the Coordination of Innovation and Cooperation of CIn, that interacts with the industry and government to develop and improve their technology.

This interaction, developed by the Innovation and Cooperation Coordination, has revolutionized the relationships between university, government, and the productive sector, through partnerships that map research projects into practical solutions, aimed at solving real needs identified in the market. To this end, this Coordination has a structure and management system, all geared towards its purposes, and a well-defined negotiation, hiring and project-development process, all coordinated by researchers at CIn-UFPE. It works together with a technical administrative team that is dedicated to each project. Activities involve education, training, research, innovation, development, intellectual property licensing and consultancy. It is supported by our body of over 90 researchers that work on several ICT areas.

Currently, CIn-UFPE works on telecommunications, Oil and Gas, automobiles, power and retail projects, amongst others. The partnerships that are most remarkable are those with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), HP, Motorola, Samsung and OKI Brazil. It is from such relationships that the Center remains one of the brazilian science and technology institutions that receive more investments trough fiscal incentives, and in particular, through the Informatics Law.

All of those initiatives have made CIn-UFPE stand out from other similar organizations and to work as an R&D hub in Pernambuco, acting in the creation of institutions such as the Center for Advanced Systems and Studies of Recife (CESAR) and Porto Digital, besides contributing to the generation of many startups, such as In Loco Media, Joy Street, Neurotech and Tempest. This makes the Cooperation and Innovation Coordination at CIn-UFPE a convergence point between teaching, academic research, relevance, excellence, and solutions for a market that is increasingly demanding.